Sunday, 24 February 2013

ICAI Announcement for Amendments in Study Material's ( CA Course ) .


Dear Student,

Sub: May 2013 Final Examination After releasing the revised Study Materials/Practice Manuals of the various papers for the Final Course of CA curriculum in January 2013, we have been receiving innumerable queries through mail/telephone/e-Sahaayataa, as to whether there has been revision in the syllabus for May 2013
examination and whether only the revised materials are applicable for May, 2013 examination. In this regard, we once again reiterate that there is no change in the syllabus of Final Course. As regards revision of the Study Materials, it is a continuous process of the Board of Studies. The Study Materials are updated periodically to incorporate the latest changes in the concerned areas.

Please note that you may prepare for the examination on the basis of the earlier edition of the Study Materials and Practice Manuals, say, the January, 2012 edition. However, you must take due care to keep yourself updated with the subsequent developments in the subjects, which are reported in the monthly Students Journal “The Chartered Accountant Student”. The latest developments are also compiled in the Revision Test Papers (RTPs) for May 2013 examination. The RTPs are prepared with the twin objective of keeping you updated on the latest developments which are relevant for your examination and helping you self-assess the level of your preparation by answering the questions contained therein and comparing the same with the answers given therein. The RTPs for May 2013 examination have been published and are available at the branches and regional offices of the Institute.

As regards Paper 7: Direct Tax Laws & Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws, the October, 2012 and November 2012 editions of the Study Materials & Practice Manuals have been updated based on the provisions of law as amended by the Finance Act, 2012, and are hence relevant for May 2013 examination.

Please note that the amendments made by the Finance Act, 2012 have also been explained separately in the Supplementary Study Paper-2012 for the benefit of those students who have the earlier edition of these Study Materials (i.e., as amended by the Finance Act, 2011).

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Board of Studies


Praveen Jain . 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

ISCA - CA Final ( Amendments ) - Chapter 5

Hello friends ,
Please click on the below link to download Chapter - 5 ( Amended  Notes ) applicable for May - 2013 exam .
Password to open file : praveenjain
Link :
I shall soon upload chapter 8 - Notes.
Till then, keep smiling .

Sunday, 10 February 2013

ISCA Amendments - CA Final - May 2013

Friends ,
There are some amendments in ISCA - CA final syllabus .
Changes are in Chapter -5 ( Mostly deletions )  & Chapter - 8 ( Additions ) .
As of now no clarity whether these are applicable for May - 2013 exam or not . 

Most probably , i feel they shall be applicable for May 2013 exams too. 
Amendment copy shall soon be uploaded by me . 

Happy learning . 

Committed to ur success .
Praveen Jain . 

ISCA (CA-final) and IT (IPCC) batch details !!

Dear friends, Batch details for IT and ISCA are attached. Kindly share the info !!! Cheers...