Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Are you like Cow or Snake ??


Cows eat grass and produce milk and Snakes drink milk and produce poison. What are you like? A person is compared to a cow when he is highly tolerant, calm, non-violent and loving. He is a person who always thinks good of others, no matter how badly he is treated. From within him, only good words, prayers, blessings flow; like milk flows from a cow and that is why cow is perceived as mother in India and worshipped with great reverence.

On the other hand, whatever a snake eats or drinks (including milk), it gets converted to poison. Some people could be equated to a snake. No matter how well they are treated, they emit poison by way of negative thoughts, unruly behavior, revengeful actions, feelings and expressions. They always look for opportunities to belittle/insult others, even to those who have helped them and been good to them.

Everybody fears snakes but not cows. Even when a snake is seen in dreams, many treat it as a bad omen. Whereas the cow is always seen as good omen.

Check yourself what kind of a person you are; like a cow or like a snake and make corrections if required.

Remember me in your Prayers !!
PJ .

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