Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Are you like Cow or Snake ??


Cows eat grass and produce milk and Snakes drink milk and produce poison. What are you like? A person is compared to a cow when he is highly tolerant, calm, non-violent and loving. He is a person who always thinks good of others, no matter how badly he is treated. From within him, only good words, prayers, blessings flow; like milk flows from a cow and that is why cow is perceived as mother in India and worshipped with great reverence.

On the other hand, whatever a snake eats or drinks (including milk), it gets converted to poison. Some people could be equated to a snake. No matter how well they are treated, they emit poison by way of negative thoughts, unruly behavior, revengeful actions, feelings and expressions. They always look for opportunities to belittle/insult others, even to those who have helped them and been good to them.

Everybody fears snakes but not cows. Even when a snake is seen in dreams, many treat it as a bad omen. Whereas the cow is always seen as good omen.

Check yourself what kind of a person you are; like a cow or like a snake and make corrections if required.

Remember me in your Prayers !!
PJ .


  1. cow doesn't have any right to worshiped because it is one of creature of almighty god

  2. all creatures in the world worshiping the real god but men worshiping his creatures .men doesn't think about their god


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