Tuesday, 24 July 2012

ISCA - made easy


Second edition of the book "ISCA - made easy" for CA final exam authored by me is in book stores & at Wizard now..

Relevant changes / amendments are made . 

Also past years question paper , weight-age scanner & tips for writing exam are introduced in the new version.

Hope it will be useful ..... 

Happy learning & all the best for exams... :-)


  1.  Concise, yet covering whole syllabus, making it easy for the students to quickly revise the subjects even during the exams.
  2. Presented in a lucid & understandable language.
  3. States learning objective at initiation of chapter
  4.  Module wise presentation.
  5.  No compromise is done in terms of Font size.
  6. Updated.
  7. Point wise presentation.  
  8. Tutorial note: Author’s note – to make the text user-friendly & provide gist about the content.
  9.  Includes Past years question papers (Blast from the past), Exam tips & Weightage Scanner.


  1. Can we have a preview of the book?

  2. Sir, can you please upload the sample chapter of your book ??


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